Realistic AFL Logos

I’ve been a lifelong fan of the AFL (Australian Football League for those unaware). I’ve been following the Geelong Cats for as long as I can remember. Being a designer, I’ve always obsessed over the colours, jumper designs and team logos. When learning about logo design, you learn about how designers will start with a concept and strip away all the unnecessary information until they are left with the simplest version that people can still understand.

This project does the reverse of that, taking logos that exist in the world and adding back all that detail to make them photorealistic.

How did I make it?

Once I have all the elements I need, I begin building the piece up in Photoshop. I usually begin with any geometric shapes that I can take straight from the original logo, like a shield. Then, using the original as reference, I’ll being cutting out pieces from the images and manipulating them until they match. Once all the pieces are in the right spot and are the correct shape, I’ll blend everything together by adding shading and highlights. This helps take it from looking like a mish-mash of images to a complete piece.